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i did everything in my power to make sure my morning would go smoothly today because i was tutoring my first exam prep session ever; i laid out my clothes, got enough sleep, woke up extra early, went over the program multiple times the night before etc. and everything was going according to plan until of fucking course i chipped my tooth. i don’t even know how. it wasn’t extremely serious or anything but for some reason this sent me into an emotional tailspin (which was severely out of proportion in retrospect) there was a lot of shrieking and screaming into my bath towel and uncontrollable crying. but i was just SO upset, like seriously devastated, not even because of the tooth but because i had this morning so perfectly planned out and i’d already been nervous and it just felt like the end of the world. even while it was happening i was like “why am i so goddamn dramatic? i’m being ridiculous right now.” then half an hour later on the way to work i’m singing along to talking heads like nothing ever happened.

but everything turned out okay in the end because my session went really well and both the student and the exam prep director told me i was awesome :-)


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