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i was reading this article about the relationship between guilt and depression, how many depressed people feel an inordinate amount of guilt over small mistakes they make, trivial events, things that are often out of their control, etc. they are controlled by the belief that they are personally responsible for anything bad that happens.</p>

"Sometimes this belief of personal responsibility can become delusional. For instance, a person may begin to believe that he or she is to blame for civil unrest in other parts of the world." 

reading this triggered a memory of a time in 5th grade when the fire alarm went off and i immediately believed that it was my fault, that i had somehow started a fire in another part of the building, or that i had accidentally pulled the fire alarm. i wasn’t sure how i did it, but i was absolutely convinced that it was my fault and spent the day wracked with guilt. 

this memory, in turn, made me realize that i’ve been depressed for a long fucking time. 

t and depression, how many


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